TezLab Pro

TezLab Pro is an upgrade available via our website and in-app purchase. It provides subscribers with unlimited historical tracking of vehicle(s), faster polling, climate automations, Apple Watch App, CSV exports, and more. 

We are constantly developing new features for our TezLab Pro users.

Subscribing to TezLab Pro for about the cost of couple cups of coffee each month is how we keep TezLab up and running and continue to build new features. If you are finding our work useful, we would be grateful for your support!

How much is TezLab Pro?

The lowest price for TezLab Pro is always available via our website, here.

Pricing for in-app purchase varies from country to country, and exchange rates are set by Apple & Google.

You can find the price of TezLab Pro in your country by tapping "Upgrade" in app, or in the detail page of your respective App Store, but we aim to keep pricing in the "a couple cups of coffee" price range.

Do you offer a lifetime membership instead of a subscription?

We do! We call our lifetime membership Founders Series, for more info, please check out our Founders Series website.