I am getting several "Vehicle is now asleep" notifications. Is TezLab waking my car up?!

No. That wouldn't be cool. TezLab will never independently wake up a vehicle.

Only the "Wake Vehicle" button in the TezLab app is capable of waking a sleeping vehicle. However, if your car wakes up on its own (or is woken by yourself or another service) and still hasn't moved within a few minutes, Deep Sleep Assist will immediately activate in an effort to let the car fall asleep again as fast as possible. When the car falls asleep again, you may receive a notification.

If the car was unintentionally woken up, it can be very difficult to determine what is waking a sleeping vehicle, but if it's plugged in, it is possibly waking itself to top up the battery with a very short charge. Since nobody likes clutter, we hide very short charges in the app but they can be viewed in exports. To prevent this from happening, you may want to consider setting a charging schedule in the vehicle.

See "Why do I have unexpected Phantom Drain or why won't my vehicle sleep?" for more.