Weekly Email Report

You can enable a weekly email summary of your vehicle's activity under Settings in the app. The following is an interpretation of a weekly report for an example vehicle, "Wattson". Please note that if data is not available for a given section, it may be excluded from the weekly report. The example report below uses metric values, however, your report will be delivered in whichever units you have set in your vehicle.

Overview Section

( A )  - Drive Summary

Your drive summary rolls up your driving activity for the previous week. In the example, Wattson drove 61km in the previous week, which was a 5% increase (or 3km) from the previous week. The average length of a drive during the week was 5km.

( B )  - Efficiency Summary

The efficiency summary gives more detail to the drive summary. In the example, the average efficiency for drives in the previous week was 54% (see "What does efficiency mean?"). This was a change of -5% points vs the previous week (i.e. the efficiency was 5% lower than the previous week). This efficiency was calculated over 11 drives.

( C )  - Charge Summary

The charge summary describes charges for the week. In the example, 32kWh was added to Wattson across all charging sessions. This was 28% less energy (13kWh less) than the previous week. The total cost of the charging activity for the week was estimated to be $3.68 (see Cost Tracking section of the FAQ).

( D )  - Carbon Section 

The charge summary provides carbon detail for the charge section. In the example, Wattson's charges emitted an estimated 1.7kg of CO₂, representing a 43% decrease (2kg) less than the previous week. This was calculated over 9 charges. (see CO₂ and Trees section of the FAQ)

( E )  - Idle Activity & Temperature

The use of the vehicle's climate control (heating/cooling) and/or Sentry Mode while idle (and not charging) can have a significant impact on the range used while idle (described in the app as Phantom Drain on Usage Reports). This week, on average, Climate Control was not used at all while idle (0min/day) and Sentry Mode was on for 3.2hr/day while idle. The average temperature reported by the vehicle was 7°C.

Efficiency Section

The Efficiency Section highlights your highest and lowest efficiency trips of the week along with their locations.

Sustainability Section

The sustainability section summarizes the theoretical net carbon impact of your charging for the week. For this week, on average, 497g of CO₂ was released daily by charging Wattson. The trees that were planted have a theoretical carbon offset of 4kg of CO₂ per day. (See the CO₂ and Trees section of the FAQ.)