Why aren't my Supercharging costs syncing from Tesla?

If you have signed into TezLab using an authorized driver Tesla account (i.e. when someone shares their vehicle with your Tesla account), TezLab may be unable to sync your Supercharging costs. 

To resolve this, ensure the Tesla account you are using is an Owner account:

  • Tap your vehicle name on the TezLab Home Screen
  • Tap Manage Vehicle Connections
  • Beside Tesla tap •••, and then tap Disconnect from your Tesla Account
  • Tap Connect Tesla Account, and sign in again with a Tesla account that has access to charging information.

Your charges will sync after your next Supercharging session.

For drivers of other EVs, such as Rivian, you may still sign in to your Tesla account to sync in Tesla Supercharging costs for your Rivian, even if you do not have a Tesla vehicle on your Tesla account.