Drive Cost Estimates & Fuel Saving Estimates

TezLab estimates the cost of each drive as well as the savings achieved through not buying fuel.

These costs and savings calculations take into consideration the following:

Note: You will see the estimated cost of a drive only if you've recently charged at a location at which you have enabled cost tracking.

As each drive takes place, TezLab looks at the level of your battery and scans your recent charging history in order to estimate an average cost per kWh currently available in the battery. You can think of this a little bit like figuring out the average cost per gallon or per liter for the fuel that may be in the tank of an ICE vehicle across multiple, differently priced fill-ups. We then multiply the average cost per kWh by the estimated energy use for the drive to calculate an estimated cost. 

Fuel Savings are calculated by determining what the cost of fuel would have been for the drive-by multiplying your Fuel Economy Setting by the distance of the drive to determine the equivalent volume of fuel used. Next, we multiply the volume of fuel by your Fuel Comparison Price to determine an estimated fuel cost. The cost of charging is deducted from this value to come up with the net fuel savings value for the drive.

Your overall fuel saving history is a total of these drive-by-drive calculations. As you change your fuel economy settings or fuel comparison price settings, they apply to the future only, past drives are not adjusted.