Drive CO₂ Estimates

Unlike internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles that release CO₂ when fuel is burned, CO₂ is released at charging time by the production of electricity. For the purpose of illustration though, TezLab estimates the approximate carbon impact of driving activities in order to contrast against the carbon impact of burning fuel for a similar drive in an ICE car.

TezLab looks at the state of charge of your battery at the start of each drive and scans your recent charging history to estimate an average carbon intensity per kWh currently "in" the battery (think of it like figuring out the average cost per gallon or per liter for the fuel in the tank of an ICE vehicle). We then multiply this by the estimated energy output for the drive to calculate an estimated carbon impact. When this impact is calculated, it's used with the approximate fuel savings value to estimate how much carbon was avoided compared to driving an ICE vehicle.