Exporting Data

TezLab Pro members may export Drives, Charges, and location-based Charge Summaries at any time.

To export data:

  • Tap the ⚡️ tab at the bottom.
  • To export Drive or Charge Data, tap Activity at the top. To export location-based Charge Summary data, tap Locations at the top.
  • Tap the export button at the top right.
  • For Drive or Charge Data:
    • Select the type of export.
    • Enter the From date and To date.
  • Tap the Export Data button.

An Exports tab will appear at the top. Your report may take a few moments to generate. Once generated, tap the menu beside the export to share a link to download a .csv file. You may wish to share this link to a computer to open the data in Excel, Sheets, or similar.

Exports are automatically removed 24 hours after they are created.