Why is some or all of a recent drive or charge missing?

There can be a number of reasons why a period of data may be missed, but the most common are:

  • The vehicle was offline or unreachable. This can happen if the cellular connectivity in the vehicle drops.
  • Your Tesla Account authorization expired and you haven't had a chance to re-authorize yet.
  • TezLab was trying to let your vehicle sleep when the drive/charge started, by default, this starts 1 hour after the last movement of the vehicle. Try adjusting your sleep settings or open the app to force data capture. (Please see Sleep Modes for more.) 
  • TezLab is trying to let the vehicle sleep but another third-party app is keeping it awake. (See Multiple Third Party Apps and Sleep) This can lead to longer periods of non-communication while TezLab waits for your vehicle to fall asleep. Try adjusting your sleep settings as much as possible so that they line up between apps.