Sleep Modes

All third-party applications send data requests to your vehicle in order to capture driving and charging data to display to you in the app. These data requests have the potential to interrupt the vehicle’s sleep cycle, which can prevent or delay the vehicle from entering an energy-saving state (sleep). TezLab offers two sleep modes to ensure that your vehicle falls asleep regularly and does not experience elevated levels of Phantom Drain. 

Deep Sleep Assist is our default sleep mode setting and is recommended for all users. When enabled, Deep Sleep Assist will activate after your car has been idle for a period of time. Upon activating, data polling of your vehicle is intelligently backed off in increasing increments until the vehicle falls asleep. Once asleep, non-waking polling resumes at a regular interval to ensure that trips are captured as soon as possible once you start driving again. Upwards of 98% of vehicles will fall asleep within Deep Sleep Assist's first attempt. This sleep mode is effective 24 hours per day.  If you are using multiple third-party applications, please see "Multiple Third Party Applications & Sleep"

Night Mode prevents all communication with your vehicle between 8pm and 5am in the vehicle’s timezone. To capture a trip within the night mode timeframe, open TezLab on your phone within 5 minutes before the start of your trip. Keep in mind that the use of Night Mode will disable all overnight communication with your vehicle, so any activity that takes place during that time (i.e. charging) will not be captured.

We recommend the use of Night Mode only in very specific use cases. For the vast majority of uses, Deep Sleep Assist should be your setting of choice.