Multiple Third Party Applications & Sleep

Using multiple third-party apps at the same time with conflicting sleep settings can in some cases cause unexpected phantom drain.

Any time you add an additional third-party application to your mix, that application (whether it's TezLab or any other) may appear to be the cause of additional drain. In reality, the cause of the additional drain is more likely the presence of multiple conflicting connections to your vehicle. This is why if you are using multiple third-party applications, it's important to ensure that you set equivalent sleep settings in each app so that attempts to allow your vehicle to fall asleep take place at roughly the same time. If one app is attempting to let your vehicle sleep while another isn't, sleep attempts are likely to fail. This isn't any one specific app's fault (there are a lot of talented developers in the Tesla community), but a little bit of setup in advance can ensure as much coordination as possible.

TezLab's default sleep mode Deep Sleep Assist has a configurable "Deep Sleep Delay Time". This setting tells TezLab how long to wait before starting a sleep attempt after your car becomes idle. If you are using other third-party apps, check to see if they have a similar setting and set it to the same length of time to try to line up attempts. Please keep in mind, each app may call their sleep modes something different, so look for something that allows you to schedule a sleep start time relative to when the car becomes idle.

If you are having trouble getting your vehicle to fall asleep, see Why do I have unexpected Phantom Drain or why won't my vehicle sleep?