Delete or remove an old vehicle

If a vehicle on your TezLab account is no longer on your Tesla account, it will show as Previously Tracked. Previously tracked vehicles can be deleted. 

To delete a previously tracked vehicle:

  • Tap the ••• menu on the top right of your main screen.
  • Tap Settings & Preferences
  • Scroll down to the Delete Vehicle section.
    • If the vehicle you would like to delete is not already the currently selected vehicle, tap Current Vehicle in the Vehicle Settings section and switch to it, the Delete Vehicle section will then become available.
  • Tap the Remove this vehicle button and follow the prompts.

Vehicles that still actively appear on your Tesla account (either your own vehicle(s) or shared with you) cannot be deleted. To stop communication with one of these vehicles, you may Disable Data Capture (Polling).

When a vehicle is deleted, all data associated with the vehicle (including all drive and charge records) will also be removed and you will no longer have any historical data for this vehicle. Please ensure you export any required information before requesting the vehicle be deleted.