Enable or Disable Polling (Data Capture)

In order for data to be captured, TezLab must communicate with your vehicle on a regular basis. We call this communication "polling". (See: How is data captured?)

You can disable polling with your vehicle at any time by toggling off Polling (Data Capture) from settings. 

Please note that if polling is disabled, no data will be captured from your vehicle and you will not be able to interact with it from within the app.

To enable or disable Polling (Data Capture):

  • Tap the ··· menu at the top right of your main screen. Then tap Settings & Preferences.
  • Scroll down to Vehicle Settings. If you have multiple vehicles, ensure the correct one is selected.
  • Tap the toggle beside Polling (Data Capture)

Vehicle on Multiple TezLab Accounts

If you are signed in with Owner Access (i.e. you are using the main Tesla account for this vehicle and not an Additional Driver account), you can see if your car is being communicated with by any other TezLab accounts. If so, you may disable the communication on those accounts as well. This typically happens when you have shared your vehicle with another driver via the Tesla app. If that driver also uses TezLab, your car will appear on their Tesla account and TezLab will start to track it. 

We do not recommend that a vehicle be tracked on multiple accounts. (See: Can I track the same vehicle on multiple accounts?

If you as the owner prevent another account from polling your vehicle, that account can only re-enable polling if they are signed in with Owner Tesla access, and users signed in with shared access will not be able to re-enable polling from their side.

Owner Account View Shared Driver view when disabled by owner.