Tracking Charging Costs

TezLab helps you track the cost of charging your Tesla, both at home and at Tesla Superchargers.

For personal charge locations, the cost of charging is set on the location's settings screen. Supercharger costs are synced from Tesla once your charge finishes. 

Non-supercharger, personal charge locations that you see are specific to you, and the pricing and details are not shared with any other users. From the settings screen of a charge location, you may enable cost tracking. Cost tracking supports per minute, per session, and per kWh charging costs. 

To update personal charge location pricing:

  • Open the charge location that you wish to update ( ⚡️ > Locations OR tap the ··· menu on a charge tile).
  • Tap the pencil on the top right to edit the location settings OR scroll down to the Charge Cost section and tap edit settings.
  • Tap to add a new cost. Choose the type of cost, enter the value, and tap the checkmark to save.

If you set pricing for the first time at a location that you have previously charged at, within a few minutes an option to estimate previous charge costs at that location will appear on the charge location screen.

When you charge at a new location, you will see an alert on your main screen advising you that a new charge location has been identified. You can also tap this alert to access the charge location and set the costs using the steps above.

You may view Supercharger pricing from the Nearby Superchargers map by tapping on the pin, and then tapping on a card at the bottom for a Supercharger. If a Supercharger is missing pricing or it is out of date, please share the updated price for the location as it appears on your vehicle's screen. Tesla applies rounding to Supercharging sessions, so TezLab will do its best to estimate the cost of your charge. Once the supercharging session concludes, TezLab will attempt to sync the actual cost from your Tesla account. 

Anytime a cost is calculated for a charge, you can override the calculated amount by tapping on the pencil beside a displayed price.